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Video of Author's Concerto
 in Moscow Composers House 28.02.2012
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble:
Ivan Bushuev, Oleg Tantsov, Elisaveta Koshkina, Sergey Astachonok and Mikhail Dubov;
Lidia Voytovich and Elisaveta Kushvid. Conductor Alexey Vinogradov.
Conditions - 4 pieces  for Piano
And a Light Through Foliage  for Flute, Violoncello and Piano  
House of Cards  for Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano  
Sotto Voce - 3 pieces  for Piano
An Approach to Jupiter  for Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Children's Album - 12 pieces  for Piano
Music for Two  for Clarinet and Piano
Asymmetric Dances - 5 pieces  for Piano
Quintet  for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Hommage - Symphony №2  in three parts 
Russian National Orchestra,
Conductor Fedor Lednev.
Recorded by YouTube company in 2010  
Pastorale for Chamber Ensemble
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble
Conductor Alexey Vinogradov.
Introductory speech - Edison Denisov
"Lad" broadcasting company (Russian Television) 1993
Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra  in three parts 
Anastasia Tabankova and "Four Seasons" String Orchestra
Conductor Vladislav Bulakhov.
Moscow 09. 11. 2012
In Motion for Vibraphone and Piano
Dmitry Shelkin and Yuri Polubelov
Moscow Autumn 04. 11. 2014
Scherzo for Chamber Ensemble
Ricochet Ensemble
Conductor Igor Nazarenko 11. 04. 2002
Music for Vibraphone and Strings
Vladimir Terekhov and "Four Seasons" String Orchestra
Conductor Vladislav Bulakhov.
Moscow 10. 11. 2017
An Approach to Jupiter
Erik Kromhout, Esther Apituley, Nadia David and Paul Prenen
Conductor Huub Kerstens, Amsterdam 22. 02. 1991
Concertino for Domra and Piano
Zhang Jialin (Liu Qin) and Hu Shaoqiang (Piano)
Taiwan 23. 04. 2016
Concerto for Guitar and Strings
Vladimir Gapontsev and Moscow Instrumental Capella
Conductor Dmitry Matvienko.
Moscow 09. 11. 2018
Four Postludes for Orchestra
State Symphony Orchestra "Evgeny Svetlanov"
Conductor Vladimir Jurovsky. Moscow 29.11.2018
Breathing for Bass Clarinet and Piano
Oleg Tantsov and Mikhail Dubov
Moscow 18.11.2019
Evening Music (3 pieces) for Guitar
Vladimir Gapontsev
 Moscow  23.11.2019
Bossa Nova for Piano Duo
Vladimir Chvab and Timopfey Sukhinin
Organ Hall of Gnessin Moscow Spechial School of Music,
Professor Arzamanova A.F. Moscow 17.12. 2020
In Harmony - two pieces for Piano
Mona Haba
Moscow 10.03.2021
Naive Music for Alto-Saxophone and Piano
Nikita Agafonov and Mona Haba
Moscow 10.03.2021
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