Dmitri Capyrin
Children's Album
For Piano
The “Children's Album” for piano were commissioned by Alexander Kushwid as a music for his daughter Lisa who has come to be a first performer of the work at the Roerich Museum Concert Hall on 25th of March, 2000.
Aport from the first as well as the final piece, the whole cycle is been composed in accordance with the increasing complexity principle. It is the tonal, modal as well as the serial serial principles that are bein set as the ground of the pieces’ pitch structure. Despite of the difference between the emotional colores of the pieces the cycle is been devoid of the harsh stylistic contrast that allows the performance of the vapying sets of the pieces to the selected according to the performers’ individual taste.
Dmitri Capyrin
The composition style of Dmitry Capyrin characterize by atonality and quite complicated contemporary musical language. But the structure of pieces and fraises is quite easy to understand. Dmitri Capyrin followed the tradition and gave the program names for all pieces. The subjects and characters of "Children’s Album" are vivid and clear: Sad Waltz, On Tiptoe, Breeze, Clouds, Attractions, on the Wings and so on. There are altogether 12 pieces. All pieces are quite short and occupy one or two pages.
All this make this cycle worth to your attention, the more so because we have so little contemporary piano music for beginners.
Kasey Parker

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