Dmitri Capyrin
Music from Silence
For Chamber Ensemble

Music from Silence is a monolithic piece which grows up of soft harmonies that seem to emerge from the non-being, towards a large, multi-layered climax which then gradually subsides as its musical texture is decomposed. The spontaneous development is achieved through superimposing of musical elements, while new idea is conceived in the depths of the previous one. The pitch organization is based on modalities, using the “tone-semitone” scale and its segments. Despite the relentless growth of tension and the extensive climax, the work is essentially lyrical and introverted.

Written in 1992, Music from Silence was performed for the first time at the Music Biennale Zagreb 1993. Next year the author made the second version of the piece for 14 instruments that is to be premiered at the festival Contrasts in Lviv (Lemberg).

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