Dmitri Capyrin
Paysages Tristes
(Blue Sceneries)
Sceneries of nature are but background in Poll Verlen’s poetry, the way for delicate spiritual states reproducing. There is some introversion in music that even strengthens expressiveness of private inmost intonations, and with words fluidity becomes the main kind of the whole composition.
Be surrounded by instrumental introductions, the tree parts of the piece smoothly turn from one into other. Russian Valeri Bryusov’s verse interpretation is used in the first most reserved part. In the second part, that is the central some of the piece, the original French worlds can be heard as a counterpoint to the Russian ones.
In the most emotional third part that is the lyric culmination of the cycle there are tonal elements, which appear along with modal harmonic logic. French verse sounds here not as a counterpoint to the Russian words but alone on the background of the instrumental code.

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