Dmitri Capyrin
For Wind Orchestra


Petrushka, a puppet with a cocky and complicated personality, an image of rebellious and suffering little person who comes into conflict with the surrounding world which is at once callous and ruthless. Petrushka's comical, spontaneous character is complemented by a lyrical love story. "Sabre Dance" (a brief allusion to Khachaturian) which appears unexpectedly on the crest of culmination, is a sinister omen of a tragic end.

Petrushka - is a quarrelsome puppet character, an image of a restless and suffering soul who constantly confronts the whole world, ruthless and unfeeling, the world which surrounds us. There is a lyrical and nearly lovesome theme that supplements his comical, playful, scherzo-like nature. And on the wave of culmination suddenly appears the Sabre Dance (short quotation from ballet of Khachaturian) as an omen of a tragic completion.


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