Dmitri Capyrin

Song Without Words

There is the flexible melody line which formation, development, polyphonic demixing, transformation, and timber incarnation variants is the main idea of the composition. The ensemble is conditionally divided into three basic groups: 1) the wind instruments, 2) the string instruments, 3) the harp, the piano timber instruments, and the drum section.
There is the clarinet that monotonously develops the melody line at its beginning, the melody line which bisects after viola preluding. Further the groups of drum and string instruments are increased with new instruments joining and linearity reaches the level of cooperative groups that play in rhythm unison.
After culmination the music matter breaks out into individual tunes which amount growths with gradual texture rarefaction and step-by-step transition to the semi-definite and indefinite pitch sounds.
The code begins with the initial clarinet tune and in short time briefly recreates previous model of the whole piece.

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